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Need some help choosing a location? We’ve compiled a list of some locations in and around Edmonton that we think offer some unique and varied photographic opportunities. If you have any questions about any of these locations or others that you are considering please get in touch and let us know. Please note that many locations require advanced bookings so be sure to contact the location you are interested in for more information about availability and rates.

Convocation Hall at U of A

Opened in 1915, Convocation Hall is a beautiful historic building at the University of Alberta. This is a great location for both indoor and outdoor photographs. With a stone interior and gorgeous natural and architectural exterior this location offers great variety. Contact the Department of Music general office 780-492-3263 or

U of A grounds

The University of Alberta grounds are a very popular spot for both engagement photos and wedding photography. The grounds offer a lot of variety all within walking distance. From the modern feel of the Telus Centre, to the historic feel of the Convocation Hall courtyard, to all of the natural and architectural corridors, there is something for everyone.

Strathern Drive

Strathern Drive is an excellent spot for views of downtown Edmonton and the river valley. Situated at the top of Connors Hill, it is ideal for portraits with the city skyline and also offers some views down to the river valley below. A word of caution, this area is quite exposed with little shelter and can sometimes be quite windy.

Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory, also know as simply “the pyramids” is a great spot for both indoor and outdoor photography. There are 4 pyramids, each with their own unique biosphere, making for a wide variety of backdrops to your photos. There are also many places on the grounds which have beautiful tulip gardens, bridges and grassy areas. If you walk up to the roof there are some very majestic photo opportunities, utilizing the architecture of the pyramids, with downtown Edmonton in the background. Contact 780-496-8355 or

Louise McKinney Park

Louise McKinney Park is located in downtown Edmonton and runs along the North Saskatchewan river. It boasts walking trails, a beautiful riverside boardwalk and a pedestrian bridge across the North Saskatchewan. This park has a lot of variety to offer.

Alberta Legislature Grounds

As Alberta’s capital city Edmonton is home to the Alberta Legislature. The well-manicured Legislature grounds make for beautiful photographs. From the beautiful gardens and large mature trees, to the architecture of the building itself, there are many picturesque locations here. This is a very busy spot in the summer and using certain loations such as the main steps can involve some waiting.

Hastings Lake Gardens

A short drive southeast of Edmonton, Hastings Lake Gardens provides a variety of excellent photographic backdrops. They have beautiful flower gardens and flower lined walkways. They are setup for outdoor wedding ceremonies with an indoor backup. Their variety includes flower gardens, covered walkways, antique farm machinery, old wooden buildings, a large swing set, and a small lake.

Epcor Tower

For a modern architectural feel, Epcor Tower in downtown Edmonton is a perfect indoor location. You will find a variety of unique lighting and building materials which provide many different opportunities for a modern use of lines and reflections.

Edmonton City Hall

Edmonton City Hall is a very bright, clean, location full of natural light. With large staircases, glass-lined walkways, unique art work and occasionally a grand piano, this location offers some interesting spaces for photography. For more information call 780-496-8251.

Citadel Theater

The Citadel Theater is located in downtown Edmonton and offers a beautiful red brick backdrop. It also has a two storey slate waterfall and a small tropical garden. Contact 780-428-2129 or

West Edmonton Mall

Home of the Fantasyland Hotel, there are many locations within the mall that can provide interesting photographic opportunities; including the Santa Maria ship, Galaxyland, Burbon Street, and a variety of store fronts and restaurants.

McKay School

Built in 1904, McKay School has a brick exterior and architecturally appealing entrances. There are also mature walking paths and a gazebo. McKay school is located in downtown Edmonton.

Goldbar/Capilano Parks

With a large pedestrian bridge over the North Saskatchewan River that connects these two parks, both are heavily treed and have many walking trails and meadow areas for a stunning outdoor location.

High Level Bridge area

The High Level Bridge dates back to 1913 and is built 48m above the North Saskatchewan river. A streetcar still runs along the top of the bridge with vehicle and pedestrian traffic using the main level. This iron structure provides many opportunities for us as photographers to use angles and lines to create intriguing photographs, utilizing the pedestrian walkway and also the rail tracks above. There is also a park at the north end offering nice views of the bridge.

Fort Edmonton Park

If you are looking for a location full of history look no further than Fort Edmonton Park. While you can have your wedding ceremony here in one of the churches on the grounds, it is also a great place to have your formals photos done. Here you can travel through the decades. A neat feature of this location is the old steam train.

Royal Alberta Museum/Government House

The Royal Alberta Museum and Government House are located just outside of downtown Edmonton along the river. The Government House building is a sandstone mansion with bay windows, high gabled roofs and groups of rectangular windows. The grounds are also beautiful with a large fountain and mature trees. It offers a view of the river valley that is not often seen, with the high level bridge and university in the background.

Devonian Botanical Gardens

A short drive from the city, the Devonian Botanical Gardens are a perfect place for your engagement session, wedding ceremony, or portraits (or all three). With beautifully manicured lawns and gardens including the gorgeous Japanese Gardens, this is a horticulture lovers dream come true.

Hotel MacDonald

Often referred to as “the castle”, Hotel MacDonald has been a landmark of the Edmonton skyline since 1915. Not only is it an architecturally appealing location on the outside, there are also many photographic opportunities inside the hotel. This is a popular spot for many couples to have their ceremony or reception. Contact 780-424 5181 or

Downtown Edmonton graffiti wall

If you are looking for something a bit edgier, the graffiti wall in downtown Edmonton could be the spot for you. This is a very colorful collection of legal graffiti which can provide an interesting background in contrast to the formalness of your wedding attire. Also a popular spot for engagement and couples photo sessions.

Mill Creek Ravine

A quiet sanctuary in the midst of south Edmonton, Mill Creek ravine provides walking trails, bridges and a lovely little creek. There are multiple entry points including points with long staircases and lush greenery.

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